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jsavard 07-04-2019 02:28 AM

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I did a full motor rebuild on my 2002 trx 400ex and I have an extra part. It appeared on the table I was working on when both of the side covers were off and the case was NOT split yet. I couldn’t figure it out so I put it together and it has a knock after running for 5 minutes. Does anyone know where this goes?

Here 2 help 07-04-2019 02:59 PM

I have never seen a part like that in a 400EX motor.

At first I thought is was a bushing, but the 400EX uses ball bearings on nearly every shaft - then I thought perhaps it was a part of a special tool - I don't have a clue about where it would go inside the engine unless it's a passage plug or a spring cap, but I just looked at the engine breakdown and did not see a part like that anywhere in the engine.

It looks more like a brake caliper piston than anything else.

Sorry - I can't be of more help - maybe someone else more knowledgeable might have an answer.

Austin92 07-10-2019 02:10 AM

I just got done with a full engine rebuild on my 2000 400ex about 2 weeks ago. Still fresh in my mind and I never saw a part like that.

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