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  1. TRX300ex bogging and will not idle...

    First-time poster here, so sorry in advance if this post is in the wrong place! So my 300ex was running fine a few weeks ago, and I was warming it up when all of the sudden it started sounding really bad (similar to bogging noise). I investigated the intake system and found nothing. The next...
  2. Best Cam for 300ex

    TRX General Discussions
    Wanting to Know what the best Cam Shaft for my set up, I have something a bit different then most guys in here I have a 2003 Honda 300EX Engine That i installed into a Baja Dune 150 Go Kart/Buggy and I was wondering since I have the Engine modded the Things weighs about 550ish it's pretty effing...
  3. Just learning all about everything.

    New Member Introductions
    Just got into ATV's, I have a 97 TRX300ex, wondering if anyone knows of any used plastics or any other years that will fit. Also I'm having trouble finding a rear shock. Any other makes/models/yrs that will fit it?
  4. nerf bars for 300ex???

    Dose anybody know of any cheap nerf bars with heel guards that will fit on a '03 trx300ex? or any other model of atv whose nerf bars fit a 300ex? I have heard rumors of ltz400 nerf bars fitting a 300ex. I would like to stay below $200 but could make some exceptions. Any of the ones i've found...
  5. Two Questions

    Ok, first I have a 97 TRX300EX which has a 11:1 high compression piston and a FMF power core exhaust, and a K&N air filter with the lid off the air box. One thing I notice is that with It neutral at half throttle or so it dies off fast over and over as if it were hitting the rev eliminator...
  6. cheap aftermarket suspension for trx250x or 300ex

    Wanted / Needed
    I need some cheap front suspension for a honda trx250x or 300ex. I mean really cheap, but still high performance. I dont need oil resivours on the shocks either. I saw some cheap works connection shocks for like $400 on ebay and they were brand new. Does any one know of a better deal?