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  1. 08 400ex motor noise

    So I recently bought a 2008 400ex. I noticed a ticking noise coming from the motor. Then I listened and heard a weird noise when giving it gas and then letting off. It does have a full fmf exhaust. I don't know if it makes a difference. But I was told no motor work has ever been done to it. I'm...
  2. Trx 400 Carb Problem?

    I have an 05 Trx 400ex i bought off craigslist The only issue are the back breaks (currently bleeding them) and the carb leaking. To the right of the yellow choke, and hose, you can see a small nozzle. There is a tube that is long enough to fit around the nozzle shown here This tube leads...
  3. 2002 400ex jet size

    Maintenance / Important Information
    I have a 2002 400ex that is running lean. I will let it idle for a min or two, do a lap around the yard, and it will be pretty hot. I checked the plug and it was white. Only modification I have is fmf slip on. Everything else is stock. I am around 800ft above sea level. What jet size would I...
  4. Good deal?

    TRX General Discussions
    hi I'm going to meet a guy soon to possibly trade my trx400ex which is 01 for an 01 xr400. Do you think this would be an even trade? On nada his bike has more value but what's your guys opinions?
  5. Newbie with TRX400

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! I just bought a Honda 1999 TRX400. The following mods were already made, so I'm trying to fix black smoke coming out at high rpms. I'm new into ATV repairs, so even though I've been reading so much, I still don't get it... It has a nice white brothers pipe, K&N filter, but it's...
  6. does this sound right?

    2000 400ex , I've broke the top end down to the bottom end, cleaned piston inspected and replaced cylinder with gaket port n polish head cleaned valves replaced valve seals lubed and lapped replaced head gasket and head torqed down to specs installed hotcam ,sprocket at tdc lined the cam up and...
  7. new to the forum from ohio

    New Member Introductions
    400ex rider from sardinia i had a 300 and it was real fun just wasn't fast enough so i traded up, we camp at mineralsprings and i do most of my riding there. I have my 4 00 tore down right now the guy i got the quad from got it used and he had no idea what was done to it. I rode lasf summer with...
  8. trx440 bigbore-carb problems

    So I resently bought this 00 trx400ex w/ the 440 bigbore kit and I was having throttle cable problems. When trying to buy a new one I was having trouble because the carburator is an edlebrock. Id be happy except during the research I found out its not the carb for the 440 kit but the one for...
  9. many 400ex parts / some 450r parts

    For Sale
    400ex parts: - top end gasket kit-35 shipped -front spindels -50 plus shipping - 4 tie rod ends -stock cdi box--20 shipped -stock seat will need new seat cover--40 plus shipping -stock seat in good condition 55 plus shipping - red full stock plastics(front , rear and tank cover) (front...