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    Hello everyone, I am from Louisiana, and enjoy all the things a person from Louisiana loves to do in their spare time, hunt, fish, and riding Honda four wheelers. I own a 1988 Honda trx 300 2wd which I inherited from my grandfather when he passed away some years ago. I've never been mechanically...
  2. Newbie with TRX400

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! I just bought a Honda 1999 TRX400. The following mods were already made, so I'm trying to fix black smoke coming out at high rpms. I'm new into ATV repairs, so even though I've been reading so much, I still don't get it... It has a nice white brothers pipe, K&N filter, but it's...
  3. Any Upcoming 2011 Events in the Southeastern Area?

    GNCC & XC
    Hey ... do any of you guys know of any off-road events coming up anytime soon or this year even that might be cool to attend or possibly even take part in? I'm looking for events other than race events, since I already have a huge list of those. :) Thanks
  4. Weird smoke coming from quad

    Maintenance / Important Information
    I purchased a 1984 trx 200 a month ago and i recently changed the oil. I drained it, and replaced it with new atv oil from valvoline. After replacing my quad smokes. It's a white/blue smoke. Any ideas?
  5. timing

    im doing this for a buddy. his son has a 06 model kazuma falcon 110 atv and i was needing a timing idea on how to time it and what di i need to do to check it before i put it back together?