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  1. 99 Fourtrax 300 Rear Brake Noise

    Maintenance / Important Information
    I just bought a used fourtrax 300. Runs good but has a few problems I need to correct. The first one I'm going to tackle is the rear brake noise. The brakes seem to work okay (ish) but when pressing them (handle or foot) I hear a very loud, low pitched, metal-on-metal type squeal until the 4...
  2. brakes not working

    TRX General Discussions
    okay so i have a 400ex and the other day i had to take off my front left spindle knuckle and i removed the brake line, when i put it back on and added brake fluid my brakes dont work, i pull in the lever and i barely have to apply pressure and my brakes dont work at all what do i need to do
  3. brake fluid

    TRX General Discussions
    hey everyone i have a 2002 400ex, my friend ran into my front left tire the other day and broke my spindle knuckle so now i cant turn my wheel but i got a new and when i went to take it off there was a bolt connecting to the caliper that was in my way so i took the bolt out and immediately all...
  4. 06 400ex rear brake problem

    Maintenance / Important Information
    Hey everybody, i just bought an 06 400ex and i`m new to sportbikes, and just recently i was riding and i hit my rear brake and it wasnt grabbing, well come to find out my brake shoes were gone and it was just metal to metal, but i put new brake pads on the rear and the caliper isnt grabbing at...
  5. Brake Master Cylinder Help!!!

    TRX General Discussions
    So I have a question! My bike doesn't have a front brake master cylinder. 1984 TRX 200. So I am having problems finding one online, could I use one off of another bike, IE Yamaha, Kawasaki? They just secure on the handlebars.... Any insight from you pros?