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  1. Maintenance / Important Information
    Hi there, I’m looking to convert the brakes on my rancher 350 to disk brakes. I’ve seen online that many people say to use the 07-13 rancher 420 disk brakes and that they should basically bolt up perfectly. I will be first doing the rear brakes then eventually doing the fronts. Any idea which...
  2. Suspension/Steering/Chassis
    Hello, I'm new here, and struggle to find in internet with international shipping the stop switch hook (part 46511-HN1-A40) which connect the brake rear pedal to the spring and switch the rear brake light when apply brake. Can some one who have it can take some masurements or send 2d drawing of...
  3. Maintenance / Important Information
    I am trying to spec up a brake master cylinder repair kit having used a Honda trx 450 unit on a enduro brake upgrade. The first bronco kit I purchase the plunger was too large. The dimension of the plunger in my master cylinder is 51.4mm in length and 12.6mm in diameter at its widest. I can...
  4. Maintenance / Important Information
    I just bought a used fourtrax 300. Runs good but has a few problems I need to correct. The first one I'm going to tackle is the rear brake noise. The brakes seem to work okay (ish) but when pressing them (handle or foot) I hear a very loud, low pitched, metal-on-metal type squeal until the 4...
  5. TRX General Discussions
    okay so i have a 400ex and the other day i had to take off my front left spindle knuckle and i removed the brake line, when i put it back on and added brake fluid my brakes dont work, i pull in the lever and i barely have to apply pressure and my brakes dont work at all what do i need to do
  6. TRX General Discussions
    hey everyone i have a 2002 400ex, my friend ran into my front left tire the other day and broke my spindle knuckle so now i cant turn my wheel but i got a new and when i went to take it off there was a bolt connecting to the caliper that was in my way so i took the bolt out and immediately all...
  7. Maintenance / Important Information
    Hey everybody, i just bought an 06 400ex and i`m new to sportbikes, and just recently i was riding and i hit my rear brake and it wasnt grabbing, well come to find out my brake shoes were gone and it was just metal to metal, but i put new brake pads on the rear and the caliper isnt grabbing at...
  8. TRX General Discussions
    So I have a question! My bike doesn't have a front brake master cylinder. 1984 TRX 200. So I am having problems finding one online, could I use one off of another bike, IE Yamaha, Kawasaki? They just secure on the handlebars.... Any insight from you pros?
1-8 of 8 Results