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  1. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    How’s it going everyone, I’m tearing apart the top end on my 2001 400EX and it’s never been touched before so naturally I had a bolt break on me. It’s one of the 6x32 small bolts on the right side of the cylinder where the cam chain is. Tried drilling it out and using an easy out but all it did...
  2. TRX General Discussions
    Hey guys, First post here! I'm kind of worried about my TRX that I bought last week. It was making a lot of noise so I figured it was from the muffler (it was a little cracked). Upon more investigation, I saw that a wire was holding the muffler to the head so that it wouldn't pop off... I...
  3. TRX General Discussions
    okay so i have a 400ex and the other day i had to take off my front left spindle knuckle and i removed the brake line, when i put it back on and added brake fluid my brakes dont work, i pull in the lever and i barely have to apply pressure and my brakes dont work at all what do i need to do
1-3 of 3 Results