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carb jetting

  1. Maintenance / Important Information
    Hello everyone I will try and make it as short as possible!! I have a honda trx 400 ex 2005 for a year now and it runs perfect , every gear runs smoothly from closed to full throttle , no sputtering , boging or anything and she is stock , I did nothing to her except take the original exhaust...
  2. Wanted / Needed
    I need to get a new main jet, pilot jet, and starter jet. But I don’t what kit to buy or what sizes to use. Can someone help me?
  3. TRX General Discussions
    I have a 400ex bored to 416 and have a stage 2 hotcam. I have a krome dg slip on exhaust without spark arrester. Stock intake and carb with foam filter. I was wondering if I should change my jets, and if so what to? If I should make more airflow through the intake box with holes? It runs good to...
  4. Maintenance / Important Information
    i bought a 2008 trx400ex a week ago it has a new 440cc big bore that the guy installed, i still have the stock bore which is in good condition and pistons. The upgrades i have are the big bore an hmf slip on and that all that i know of airbox is still on i dont know if the quad has been jetted i...
  5. Dyno/Tuning Room
    I have a 2000 400ex that I just bought. I am going to be putting a Lexx slip on exhaust on and an Uni Air filter. Any suggestions on jet size or a kit I could buy to have a little bit of a range of sizes
  6. Maintenance / Important Information
    Hello Honda People, Having a small running issue on my 87 and trying to narrow it down. Symptoms- 1. Does not idle cold without throttle blipping 2. Idles high when at running temp. 3. Seems to shut off when coasting in gear 4. Backfire...