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  1. Somebody please help before i throw my 400 out the window

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    My 02 400ex has nothing aftermarket besides a big gun es exhaust just the slip on. I recently got my 400 back from the shop it sat for months there not started it wont start i cleaned the carb and set the jets to normal settings first if someone can get me all the jet specs like how many turns...
  2. 01 400ex leaking gas

    so i bought this bike about a year ago from a friend and it wasnt running at all. but prior to me buying it the bike was running at one point . I took off the carb and it was rusted and had all kinds of stuff in there so i went to a honda dealership and bought a brand new carb. ever since i put...
  3. 2001 250r cleanup & idle issues

    Tech Issues, Bug Reports & Suggestions
    Got a used 2001 250 recon for work on the cheap. It runs, but not well. Ive been trying to fix it up but can't get it all the way there. At first it would only run when the choke was set just right. I got a carb rebuild kit and rebuilt the carb- first time for me. Cleaned everything, put in...
  4. 2002 400ex jet size

    Maintenance / Important Information
    I have a 2002 400ex that is running lean. I will let it idle for a min or two, do a lap around the yard, and it will be pretty hot. I checked the plug and it was white. Only modification I have is fmf slip on. Everything else is stock. I am around 800ft above sea level. What jet size would I...
  5. 400ex re jetting help

    Tech Issues, Bug Reports & Suggestions
    Hi I just rejetted my bike today with the dynojet kit. I have an 02 400ex with a 440 big bore kit, big gun full exhaust, and moose air filter with no lid. I used a size 42 pilot jet and 170 main jet which is the size that the kit recommended. I also changed the needle to the one that came with...
  6. SOS!!! Thinking carb issues

    Working on my moms 2005 trx250ex, it sat for a few years, got it going after a carb rebuild. It sat for two weeks and now it wont turn over. I swapped the fuel valve, replaced all jets to stock size and settings, took a bristle from a wire brush and pulled it through the carb, it has a brand new...
  7. 2007 TRX450ER Still Doesnt Like to Idle

    Help!- The quad will not idle more than 10 seconds with choke off and also a pain to get going unless you leave choke on and pop-it once your get going. Wont even idle long with choke off after an hour ride. Notes: This quad has always had this problem since I bought it new two years ago...
  8. trx440 bigbore-carb problems

    So I resently bought this 00 trx400ex w/ the 440 bigbore kit and I was having throttle cable problems. When trying to buy a new one I was having trouble because the carburator is an edlebrock. Id be happy except during the research I found out its not the carb for the 440 kit but the one for...