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  1. Honda 350es problems need help!!

    I just bought a 2004 Honda 350es it wasn’t running or driving when I bought it I figured out the shifting issue and I bought a new battery for it and now it runs and fires right up idles great. My problem lies in the throttle it seems like it’s not revving up fast at all it’s sluggish. The quad...
  2. What Makes a Rev Limiter work inside of the CDI?

    I understand that a Rev Limiter "Cuts Spark" or "Cuts Fuel Supply" on EFI quads. I know how a CDI works the basics. The CDI charges & Timing Trigger at the flywheel tells it proper time to fire, then sends voltage to coil. "I know some CDI's use the battery in order to work instead of the...
  3. I'm power thirsty! Help! 400ex

    Alright, I just down sized from a 450r to a 400ex and im looking for more power! I mostly trail ride and just screw around with friends drag racing, jumping etc. Current aftermarket parts -K&N with outerwears -FMF powercore slip on -14t front sprocket - loving this for wheelies I was...
  4. 02 trx 400ex no spark

    I recently purchased and installed an aftermarket stator from calric in an 02 Honda trx 400ex. I am not getting a spark from the coil. It appears that all the voltages are within the ranges stated in the shop manual. I logged the signals while cranking of the pulse generator and alternator at...