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electrical problem

  1. New member with a problem

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    Hello I have a trx 350ES with a strange problem. So how it developed the fault was I had the engine out for a full rebuild due to the oil pump seizing which destroyed the balancer shaft and took most of the engine with it. Since rebuilt and dropped back into the quad I no longer get the N for...
  2. 400ex safety switch problem

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    I have a 02 400ex and my safety switch by the shifter broke and i have no ignition or lights. Ive connected the 2 clutch lever wires together and still nothing. Is there a way i can bypass this or no
  3. 88 TRX 300 electrical problem

    TRX General Discussions
    '88 TRX starts, runs for just a second, then loses spark and dies. I can restart it immediately, but this happens for 10 to 20 or more times. Finally it will run, but usually only for a few minutes or so then dies - but will restart again. The local shop cannot identify the problem. Anyone...