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  1. 400ex jetting and airflow

    TRX General Discussions
    I have a 400ex bored to 416 and have a stage 2 hotcam. I have a krome dg slip on exhaust without spark arrester. Stock intake and carb with foam filter. I was wondering if I should change my jets, and if so what to? If I should make more airflow through the intake box with holes? It runs good to...
  2. New from argentina

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, i am from argentina and i got a trx 400x 2013 some days ago, i am looking for a system exhaust. I was told that the best one for this quad si the curtis spark. But i am not sure because i am new un this topic. I want your opinion and thanks for reading it!
  3. Exhaust question

    I am getting a slip on exhaust for my 400ex and i am debating between the FMF powercore4 or the FMF Q4. Do you guys think its worth an extra thirty dollars to get the Q4? I also saw the Big Gun eco system but I dont want a poorly built exhaust.