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  1. Honda 350es problems need help!!

    I just bought a 2004 Honda 350es it wasn’t running or driving when I bought it I figured out the shifting issue and I bought a new battery for it and now it runs and fires right up idles great. My problem lies in the throttle it seems like it’s not revving up fast at all it’s sluggish. The quad...
  2. 01 400ex leaking gas

    so i bought this bike about a year ago from a friend and it wasnt running at all. but prior to me buying it the bike was running at one point . I took off the carb and it was rusted and had all kinds of stuff in there so i went to a honda dealership and bought a brand new carb. ever since i put...
  3. 2002 400ex jet size

    Maintenance / Important Information
    I have a 2002 400ex that is running lean. I will let it idle for a min or two, do a lap around the yard, and it will be pretty hot. I checked the plug and it was white. Only modification I have is fmf slip on. Everything else is stock. I am around 800ft above sea level. What jet size would I...
  4. 86 TRX125 Carb Issues! Help!

    Hey all, New member here! And new bonehead for not being able to figure this out. Bought a TRX 125 from my brother (he owed me money and gave it in trade). He said it needed a carb rebuild. I tried to start it, would start with starting fluid (which is good), then fuel started coming out...