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  1. Wanted / Needed
    Unfortunately my headlight hood flew off on the way home from riding. I'm looking for a hood from an 04-05 450R. Let me know what you have. Thanks! Peter
  2. Maintenance / Important Information
    im puting the first top end in my 2001 400ex i was wondering what would be the best piston wossner or je piston. or posibly even wiseco piston also. not sure.
  3. Release and Pricing
    Honda recently discontinued the production of their TRX450R racing quad for 2010 since they need to finish selling all the 2009 models. Many are predicting that Honda is working on a all new high performance 450 that will blow away the previous models. I would hope the Honda directly uses a...
  4. Maintenance / Important Information
    I have a 2001 honda 250ex and i got it from a buddy pretty cheap but it's wrecked in the front end and i was just wondering whats the best front a arms and spindles can you buy(CHEAP) to put on it?
  5. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    I just bought a 03 250ex. A hour after I got home I took it in my yard into the snow. I got stuck and it spun for a second, and I was in second gear. Then the wheels stopped spinning, and I wason the throttle, so I put it in neutrel and upshifted to first gave it some gas and nothing. It revs...
21-25 of 25 Results