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  1. First time forum-er

    New Member Introductions
    What's up to everybody on trx forums, my names Kyle and I'm new to the forum so I figured I'd introduce myself. I'm actually new to being part of a forum all together, so bear with me if I don't have the right forum etiquette lol, il learn. A little info, my quad is a 2002 400ex, elka and custom...
  2. Newbie here, Hi to Everyone

    New Member Introductions
    Its John from San Jose, just joined the forum. Wanna say Hi to everyone. Hope you people are enjoying here. I am also expecting to be the active member of this forum. Recently, looking for ATV Rentals and found A little bit about me: I am Motor Sport Lover, also a Motor...
  3. Newbie! to the group

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! I'm new to the group, just purchased a Honda TRX 250 4x2 from a friend.. I've ridden for years, but haven't owned a bike of any form since I was in High School.... 20 years ago! So while I've not got a cherry machine, I'm proud to finally have something I can work on myself, play...