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  1. Starter motor or starter solenoid

    Maintenance / Important Information
    Hey there. I have 2006 400EX. I just bought it last week. After changing the oil, I noticed it wouldn't start like it did on day one. I'm charging the battery right now but I think the starter might be going too. It makes a weird scratchy noise after it turns the engine. And it doesn't turn the...
  2. 2000 400ex won't even turn over

    Site Issues, Bug Reports & Suggestions
    Just got this project bike, the night before i turned it on an ran it but now it wont do anything. All connections are tight, batteries charged, fuse isn't blown either but when i turn on the ignition, the neutral light comes on, go to start it and the neutral light just dims down but no...
  3. 1995 ftx300fw nw rblt starter just spins

    New Member Introductions
    Just rebuilt my starter ant it seems to be turning the crank but have no compression is it possible that it is turning the wrong way
  4. trx450er starter problem

    Maintenance / Important Information
    Need a little help please. so my starter was frozen i took it apart cleaned it now it spins fine. Someone told me to check the gear that the starter rides on to be sure it only spins one way. it does. now when i hit the start button it just spins. it's not turning the engine over. anyone ever...
  5. Starter works intermittenly (TRX 450 4x4 2002)

    Maintenance / Important Information
    Good battery. Starter works fine and then about every5th time nothing but a ckick and have to pull start. Then can turn off and restart and it starts fine.:confused:
  6. 400ex wont turn over

    i just bought my first quad a 400ex with the starter not working..i bought a new starter and put it in and worked just fine, but after about and hour of riding it stoped working and was just clicking again...and then when i brought it home it stoped clicking and i replaced the soelnoide and its...