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  1. does this sound right?

    2000 400ex , I've broke the top end down to the bottom end, cleaned piston inspected and replaced cylinder with gaket port n polish head cleaned valves replaced valve seals lubed and lapped replaced head gasket and head torqed down to specs installed hotcam ,sprocket at tdc lined the cam up and...
  2. 2005 Trx450r Ignition Miss

    I just rebuilt my 2005 trx450r and it ran fine before I took it apart. Now after reassembly it starts up and runs fine and is responsive up to 9500 (about anything over half throttle) rpms and falls straight on its face like the ignition is missing. I played the jetting game for awhile thinking...
  3. 400ex question.

    i have a 400ex it has has 30 for compression. the cylinder wall has no scratches and looks good. its the stock piston in it. i noticed the first ring it collapsed or just stuck shut the other one isnt. should i just change the rings. or just oem piston and rings and change it or get it bored out...
  4. honda 400ex has very low compression

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    i bought a 400ex figured it needed a new top end. did a compression test it only has 30 for compression. i put a tiny amount of oil into the cylinder. did nothing put more into it. it went up to like 60 70. so i started taking it about. i ended up finding out it has paper stuffed into the intake...
  5. timing

    im doing this for a buddy. his son has a 06 model kazuma falcon 110 atv and i was needing a timing idea on how to time it and what di i need to do to check it before i put it back together?