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  1. 2004 TRX400EX handlebars

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    Flipped the ATV a few times and replaced the bars but wasn't happy. Also, flipped it again and bent the bats. Don't want to pay the OEM price. Saw these and it says they have the OEM bend. Has anyone tried them?
  2. Good deal?

    TRX General Discussions
    hi I'm going to meet a guy soon to possibly trade my trx400ex which is 01 for an 01 xr400. Do you think this would be an even trade? On nada his bike has more value but what's your guys opinions?
  3. New from argentina

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, i am from argentina and i got a trx 400x 2013 some days ago, i am looking for a system exhaust. I was told that the best one for this quad si the curtis spark. But i am not sure because i am new un this topic. I want your opinion and thanks for reading it!
  4. HELP... TRX 400ex or KFX 450r

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    Hi all, Please bear with me, I'm trying to get back in to off roading. I'm usually in my Jeep, but looking for a quad now. Used to ride dirt bikes. I'm a bit older, so I'd really like an electric start, 4 stroke, and with reverse. A mechanic friend told me to stay away from all the years of...
  5. 2013 TRX 400x or 450r?

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    Hello -- need some advice. I have a 2001 400ex and I'm looking at getting either the new TRX 400x or the 450r. I mainly ride on a private property that has quite a bit of open fields as well as trails. However, I do plan on using more the state parks and I'm debating which quad to buy. It looks...
  6. my TRX collection

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    this is the very trx70 i learned to ride on, the 250x i bought for my wife, the 250r i built up and a few days ago got me the 400ex for some trail riding. tell me what you think
  7. many 400ex parts / some 450r parts

    For Sale
    400ex parts: - top end gasket kit-35 shipped -front spindels -50 plus shipping - 4 tie rod ends -stock cdi box--20 shipped -stock seat will need new seat cover--40 plus shipping -stock seat in good condition 55 plus shipping - red full stock plastics(front , rear and tank cover) (front...