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  1. 2005 TRX450R won’t start and won’t run unless full throttle and high revs

    2005 TRX450R, I’m at 5,600’ with a 170 main and a 48 pilot, air screw 2 1/2 out. Has to be full throttle to start and it will not run unless full throttle and/or high rpm. Dies if not full and backfires if not high rpm. It will even shoot a flame or two out of the exhaust sometimes! I’ve...
  2. 04 TRX450R Low end bog need help

    Hi, I recently bought an 04 trx450r and it had a really bad bog/hesitation on the low/mid range, it felt like a turbo lag. When I hit the gas is barely went anywhere and then took off and really pulled hard. So we drained the gas (which was pretty bad) and threw in a 130 main jet and it helped a...
  3. Street legal TRX450?

    Pictures and Videos
    Hey guy I was just curious how many other people out there have some Street Legal TRX450R's or even any other type of quad chime in if you live In Tucson you should cruise with me sometime maybe start a huge ass Rally of Quads? Something you don't see. I gotta say it s Fun as hell! I live in...
  4. exhaust help

    TRX General Discussions
    ok so I just noticed that the trx I just got has no exhaust gaskets at all I have been having some trouble with my pipe getting really hot and glowing red could this have something to do with it or am I just running to lean
  5. TRX450R Tail Light Plug Broke! Help

    Site Issues, Bug Reports & Suggestions
    Does anyone know where to buy a new Socket for my TRX450R Taillight? A wire was torn out and I tried to repair it. It only made it worse because the Metal retainer clip inside of the plug its self was damaged and broke off. Here are some pics to help you under stand what I'm talking about. Or...
  6. TRX450R TPS Sensor How It Works what's it do? Answers Here.

    New Member Introductions
    Just a little FYI I've come across so many Threads people saying the TPS "Does Nothing" Or someone tells someone else "You cannot tell a difference with it unplugged" Actually yes it does do something. Other Why's It Would Not Be There. What does it do? The TPS Changes your Ignition Timing...
  7. Pink Wire Mod 2005 TRX450R

    New Member Introductions
    Okay so after doing a little research on google, I came across something on the 2004 CRF450X and a thing called the "Pink Wire Mod" to where you Disconnect the Pink Wire that goes to the TP Sensor on your Carburetor. They are saying that it raises the RPM's by 500 RPM's. "Some say they got...
  8. whats up everyone!

    New Member Introductions
    hey just opened my account here, i have an 05trx450r and it was my dream bike. i joined the navy right out of high school back in 2004. when i was stationed in Virginia, the only thing i had on me was a sea bag, a CD player, a Gameboy advanced, and a dirtwheels magazine. i went through that...
  9. trx450er starter problem

    Maintenance / Important Information
    Need a little help please. so my starter was frozen i took it apart cleaned it now it spins fine. Someone told me to check the gear that the starter rides on to be sure it only spins one way. it does. now when i hit the start button it just spins. it's not turning the engine over. anyone ever...
  10. 2005 Trx450r Ignition Miss

    I just rebuilt my 2005 trx450r and it ran fine before I took it apart. Now after reassembly it starts up and runs fine and is responsive up to 9500 (about anything over half throttle) rpms and falls straight on its face like the ignition is missing. I played the jetting game for awhile thinking...
  11. High performance Honda TRX450R???

    Release and Pricing
    Honda recently discontinued the production of their TRX450R racing quad for 2010 since they need to finish selling all the 2009 models. Many are predicting that Honda is working on a all new high performance 450 that will blow away the previous models. I would hope the Honda directly uses a...