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wont start

  1. SOS!!! Thinking carb issues

    Working on my moms 2005 trx250ex, it sat for a few years, got it going after a carb rebuild. It sat for two weeks and now it wont turn over. I swapped the fuel valve, replaced all jets to stock size and settings, took a bristle from a wire brush and pulled it through the carb, it has a brand new...
  2. 2000 400ex won't even turn over

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    Just got this project bike, the night before i turned it on an ran it but now it wont do anything. All connections are tight, batteries charged, fuse isn't blown either but when i turn on the ignition, the neutral light comes on, go to start it and the neutral light just dims down but no...
  3. 400ex wont start

    I have a 2001 400ex that would not run at all, then i had the valves adjusted and then when it would run there was a little bit of a knocking sound, but someone told me it was normal for 400ex's so i took it out and the timing chain broke instantly. Then i ordered a new timing chain and sprocket...
  4. 400ex wont turn over

    i just bought my first quad a 400ex with the starter not working..i bought a new starter and put it in and worked just fine, but after about and hour of riding it stoped working and was just clicking again...and then when i brought it home it stoped clicking and i replaced the soelnoide and its...