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05 honda trx 300 ex sportrax wont start

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My atv has good compression and spark. I just cleaned the carb along with all the jets and the float is working. The back of the carb is sucking good when i put my hand over it. Im getting a little gas on my spark plug so im getting gas...i dont understand what else it can be. Im thinking is something electrical not allowing it to start or something.
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If you have compression, spark, spark at the right time, fuel and air in the right amounts - it's got to run, it's a machine

What is the compression? When is the last time it ran?
05 honda 300 trx wont start

Idk the last time it started and i dont have a compression test. A guy told me its the cdi. It can be bad a i still get spark.
Normally if the CDI is bad you don't get any spark - the stator, the coil, the spark plug cap or the spark plug could be bad and you can get a spark, but it won't start
05 honda 300 trx wont start

Oh ok. Do you know what the proper spark plug gap should be on an 05 honda trx300ex sportrax?
.024 to .028 inch is the specified gap

Note: the closer the gap the easier it is to get spark - a good spark will jump a 1/4 to 1/2 inch gap
05 honda 300 trx wont start

Well i just checked the spark plug gap and it was perfect.i just bought the ngk plug. So i guess the last thing is to get a new ignition coil. Oh and i still havent done a proper compression test to see if it has enough compression but it seems ok.
Do the compression test - most problems come down to low compression caused by tight valves (generally it's the intake valves that get tight)

Coils are the last thing to get - if you have any spark, it is usually:
1st - plug
2nd - plug cap
3rd - stator
Last - coil

If you know someone with one like yours that runs, swap parts off theirs onto yours to see if any of the external parts fixes the problem
05 honda trx300 wont start

Well i found out i have NO compression. What are all the parts im going to need to fix this problem?
Depends on what caused the loss of compression - first check the valve clearance
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