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I found this You Tube Video, 'How to'.
In the Video the author used a #40 pilot jet purchased from 'Rocky Mountain ATV' to replace the smaller O.E.M. jet. This was done to give better throttle response at 1/4 throttle when the Machine gets hot.
After the video I scrolled down and was reading the 'comments' section.
In the comments a subscriber suggested an even Larger #42 pilot jet.
I am 450 feet above sea level. I live in high desert country. I ride in sand.
I have the Dyno Jet kit. But, not installed.

My bike is stock except for gearing and a 'Uni-Filter' 2-stage airfilter.
It starts and runs great. The only reason I'd add the Dyno Jet kit is to help keep the engine cool on hot 90+ degree days.

Would adding the Dyno Jet help much, to keep the engine cool?
Would a #42 pilot jet work better than a #40?
Video Link>>
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