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Hello, I purchased a 06 trx 450 er with a cracked case. I bought one from a buddy and had him install it with new crank bearings. Bike would not start. I attempted to pull start it and it locked up the starter gears. I replaced them and locked them up a second time attempting to pull start. So i removed the gear and pulled started it and ran it around the block. Made it back to the house and installed the 3rd new gear and still wouldnt start. The valves are set at 6 and 8 and the decompression was set as specs stated. Forget what exactly it is right now. But a feeler gauge was used to set. We have tried multiple things, Different CDI box, new piston if it was blowby, stator for if it wasnt getting enough spark. Different cam b/c i read that there was recall on these for the decompression. Even hit it with fluid right in through the intake and it wouldnt sound like it was trying. So my buddy has given up the bike. And i was hoping to get some opinions of what else i should try. Im really not wanting to drop this in the shop with the high rates they charge. But with the way its looking i might have to.

I ride a yz 250 and have a banshee that the wife has taken over. So im trying to get another quad to ride.
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