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06 trx 450r vs hrc

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ok guys, im new to the site, and ive been a banshee fan all my life and my cousin decided to get an 2007 450r it has an hrc kit and its baaaadd i mean i thought my banshee could send him home crying but i didnt so im looking to surprise him :pand dont really want to buy a stock one and mod it so ive been looking fo some modded 450s to get one similar to his. Im still looking but i found a nice 450r its a 2006 it has a 13:1 piston, black diamond valve and spring kit, stage 2 hot cam, jet kit, and a HMF full exhaust. its got a good price, but would this compete with an hrc? ive heard that the hrc and stage 2 are close but that the hrc will pull more on topend. but i mean my cousin weighs about 50 pounds more than how do you think it would :confused:do thanks:)
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It's not the parts, it's who built & tuned the motor. I have seen 450's that had Boukoo $ put into them and they couldn't get out of their own way. I have seen others that just had a good tune-up and nobody else could touch them. You get what you pay for.
Love my hrcd trx pulls like a raped ape and I'm a big solid guy, I think you should be n the money or better especially with the higher comp than a stocker. You need to find out if the green wire mod has been done and doit if it hasn't. But yea sounds like a nice thumper
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