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08 450er starter problems?

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The starter on my 08er was cranking very slow and then just stopped and started making a humming noise.. if I tapped on it with a hammer it would crank and start the bike. After a few times of tapping on it, now it wont do anything.. what do u guys think? Do i need a new starter or can I rebuild the old one??
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if the battery is good and charged I would suspect the starter motor is gone, you can rebuild but a new starter is the way to go
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Yeah I tested the battery, its putting out around 14volts. Also put it on a load tester to make sure all the cells were working correctly and it was good. The battery was new in April of 2014 but we all know that doesnt mean anything.
Typically, having to tap on the starter to get it to spin indicates the brushes are worn out - tapping causes to make them contact again, but it will only happen a few times.

If you can do it yourself, installing a new brush set can be done for about $30 to $50, or save the time and hassle; install a new starter in about half an hour. Problem should be sloved.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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