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1984 TRX 200 Spark Problems

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Hey Everybody, new to the forum and need some help.

I just picked up a 1984 TRX200 this week and it seems to have on and off spark problems.

The day I bought it it would start right up no problem. The next day I started it up, ran it for about ten minutes and then tried to start it again later and couldn't get it to go. It would try to start when you first hit the button and then nothing. After trying this for a while I pulled the plug and saw that I was just getting one spark when I hit the button and then no spark following. If I hit the button again no spark at all but if I turned the key switch off for a couple minutes and tried it again it would spark once as described and then nothing.

Now yesterday I gave it a few tries and all of a sudden it started right up. I ran it for probably an hour, turning it off and starting it again to make sure it was still good to go without any problems. Now today I am back where I started with just one spark when I first hit the button and then nothing.

I have replaced spark plugs, took a look at the pulser coil (looks like new), and checked fuses.

Unfortunately I don't have a meter at the moment so I'm really looking for a "most likely" answer to this quandary.

I don't want to go replacing things that don't need to be.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
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This I'm almost Positive it's the Pulsar Coil wen't bad. This is the Exact Symptoms of a bad Pulsar Coil. They can look new but still be bad.

I Would Recommend Try and Replace it.

Down Below is a Link for the part. Do not go to a Dealership for this part they will burn a hole in your pocket and try to claim you gotta buy the entire stator for this little less then 20 Dollar part that cost .50 Cents to make.
Well, I'm not sure if I've totally fixed it but I found a suspicious ground so I hit it with some sand paper and replaced the end and re - attached it. I also trimmed the spark plug wire back a bit and reinstalled the boot. After I did those 2 things I seemed to have a much stronger spark and was able to start it up and run it multiple times.

We'll just have to wait and see if it fails me again.
Sweet, glad to hear. Yeah take it for a nice ride get back home then shut it down and try to start I see if it fires back up.
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