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1986 TRX 125 Neutral Safety switch install

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Hello everyone,
I really could use some assistance here please. I have this thing torn apart since last year replacing an oil seal, ordering missing thrust washers etc and now putting the transmission side back together...but I am not sure where the black plastic end goes? the below drawings shows it as 18,21 and 22 combined but can not find any guidance in my manual or description as to where it goes? The other end transitions through the case with the small connector out if I remember correctly. Any help, guidance or pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!


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Hey all,
Was hoping to have a response on this one. I am totally lost here and have no leads as to where this piece goes into...a hole somewhere in the crankcase cover maybe???
luckily, I looked on Ebay of all places and believe to found my answer.
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