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Hey guys,

Recently bought a 1993 Honda TRX 300 4x4! Excited to put some miles on it. Its in pretty good condition, bought from a very particular owner.

My Question: When I start my machine it starts within the first revolution, if I use the choke when cold it idles high as it should, however it is difficult to adjust the choke, its either an on or off position, idleing too high or not high enough, just tapping the choke cable sends it approx. 3k rpm, I took the carb apart and rebuilt it, noticed the o-ring on the choke valve is swollen but still works, just makes it slow to move. After the rebuild it runs great, but the idle hunts up and down, it will sit around 900 RPM then if I touch the throttle (choke closed) it will rev and sit around 1600 rpm, strangely enough if I rock the machine back and fourth it bogs down on its own and almost stalls..

Curious why the idle jumps up and sits around 1600, then drops back down to normal idle,

Thanks for the imput
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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