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1998 Honda 250 Recon Idle Adjustment

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I am not a novice but am having trouble adjusting the idle on this carb. Here's my symptoms. We got sticks/debris/bad fuel/water in the line and have since emptied and cleaned the gas tank thoroughly, replaced with new fuel, and replaced the spark plug. It starts right up. It's a Honda after all!

It won't idle. It spits and sputters and when the throttle is released it dies but will start right back up as long as I hold the throttle with a few RPMs. It continues to sputter. We have lots of power (even when it sputters) and even at higher end of RPMs, it sputters. It will run, but not smoothly. I can't change the sputtering or idle RPMs no matter what I do. Any help would be appreciated. I read threads where a new OEM carb was recommended. Should I thoroughly clean the carb and soak it or buy a new carb? BTW, carb was not rebuilt, not soaked, not cleaned, gaskets not replaced, nothing done to carb.
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