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2000 400ex and stator

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I just got my 400ex and I'm slowing putting new electrical in it to make it start from push button. The person I bought it from didn't have battery on it and it was wired to push start. I've currently put a new battery, wire harness, and start switch on it but when I was installing new wire harness I noticed that the connector coming from stator had 2 burnt spots out of the 4 in the connector. I did not want to hook the connector up to the wire harness until I can get a new stator. My question is will I have to have the stator wire plugged in just to push start it? I know it's a stupid question but I'm just trying to fix it all on my own. No funds for a mechanic. Thanks in advance.
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Yes - the trigger (pulse generator) wires are 2 of the 4 wires in the plug

The 2 burnt wires are usually the alternator wires - the burning is caused by either; dirty or wet connector (waterproof with dielectric grease) and/or running with a defective battery or high output lights - the charging system is not designed to charge, but rather to maintain the charge of the battery.
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Thank you very much. I was push starting it fine before doing all the work but last night I tried and it wouldn't fire but I had the stator cable unplugged.
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