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Just picked up a used 2001 Recon TRX 250 (Recon). It's NOT the electronic shift, but the 'hondamatic' - left foot pedal shift and go.

Shifts fine into Reverse, Neutral, and 1st, but it's extremely hard to shift into 2, 3,4, and 5.

I have a 2006 Recon TRX250 and it shifts like butter compared to the 2001 Recon.

Adjusted the clutch free play on the front of the engine and it didn't make a difference. Adjusted idle down and still no difference.

Wether the machines hot or cold, it makes no difference. Really difficult to shift from 2 through 5. Tried rocking the ATV and shifting by hand from 1 through 5, but again, 2 through 5 are just impossible to shift into by hand.

Any other suggestions?
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