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2002 Honda TRX 300 NOT GETTING POWER!!!!

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New to the forum joined because I'm having an issue and from reviewing the topics I see that u guys are really knowledgable in the topic. Here's the issue...........
My four-wheeler(Honda TRX 300) is not getting any power. The lights won't cut on or anything. When I press the start I don't hear any type of noise!!!!!! All I hear is a clicking noise. What could possibly be the problem???
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Have you checked your battery to make sure its fully charged or the connection to make sure they are tight and no corrosion? Check the solenoid also to see if the wires have a good connection. Welcome to the forums.
Where is the solenoid located?????
If I remember correctly it will be located just in front of the battery. The power wire on the battery should connect directly into it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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