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Hey guys, just got a 2004 400ex. The previous owner decided he was going to paint it, so he sanded it then gave up. So the plastics are very very dull red and know . Instead of painting it im going to camo wrap, and rhino line it.

Has anyone on here done this before?
Any tips for how to do it?

My plan is to paint the side tank (Black part) Black again.
Rhino line the bottom of the front and back fenders, rhino line the top of the front fenders and shave them a little bit to give it a more aggresive look, and camo wrap the rest of it. Wheels, nerf bars, and front bumper are getting powdercoated black tommorow. Frame will also be powdercoated black, but im going to wait till the winter when i do my every few year rebuilds and pull the motor. out and knock out 2 birds in one stone.

Thank you in advance for any help! I LOVE my new 400ex they run and drive FANTASTIC. Went riding with 2 buddys that also have 400ex's yesterday and had 0 problems in 105 degree temperature. Hondas never cease to amaze me. And im a Yamaha guy.. lol
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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