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Hello everyone, I’m new here.

I bought a 2004 Honda 400ex not running. I have found out that the intake valves are barely hitting my piston. I can see marks on my piston and valves. Everytime the intake valves gets pushed down it locks up and I can’t spin the motor over. I have the bike in time correct. It’s at Top dead center (T), cams lops facing down, the two lines on the sprocket are horizontal, I have the intake valves set to 0.10mm and exhaust valves set to 0.12mm. I thought maybe the valves are bent so I bought another head cylinder with new valves and I still have the same problem. I even thought the piston was in backwards but it looks like the valves matches with the valves reliefs on the top of the piston. It has a stock piston and a stage 2 hot cams.

Does anybody know my problem is? Thanks!
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