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Hey guys! New to this forum, but not riding. I've been riding and wrenching my own machines for almost 30 years. My question seems similar to a post below mine, but if you have the time please read and give me any ideas you have.

I bought this a couple months ago. I didn't really need it, but got a great deal.

Work done includes:
426 big bore
Hot Cams stage 2 cam
T4 pipe, K&N filter
Previous owner said it needs to run AV gas. Has a 170 main in it.

It had sat for a while, but still started up. I changed the oil, flushed the tank, cleaned the carb, and topped it off with fresh AV.

It started right up, idled great, and seemed to run fine putting around the yard. Fast forward to a week later, we loaded up and headed to Croom for the day. It was fine slow trail riding with my son, but as soon as I would gas it, it would bog way down.

I pulled the carb off last night and recleaned with no change. I raised the needle one clip, (was in the center position) and it made it worse. I then lowered it one clip and noticed a slight change, lowered it one more clip and it seems much better. The needle is now at the lowest position, or should I say the clip is in the top most position.

It starts up and runs great, has no hesitation, but only revs to about 3/4 rpm. Riding around the neighborhood it will still lift the wheels in 3rd, but it's obviously not hitting it's full rpm. Applying the choke, (even cold) causes it to run worse. Replacing the airbox lid causes the same. I've read that AV gas needs fatter jetting, but I can't imagine it's still running rich with a 170 main.

I could easily spend the day riding as it is with no issues, but it's a backup/buddy bike and I'd like it to be running perfect. Any suggestions?
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