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2006 400ex

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The air screw on bottom of the carb. How many turns out factory settings totally stock bike? Also any place to download free pdf for 06 400ex? Thanks in advance.
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Almost any Carburetor is about 2 '12 Turns out "Sometimes 3". Or another way to do it is to Start the Quad "Warm it up" let it idle as you turn the Screw just till the engine almost dies "Or dies" and then do half a turn back out restart it if it stalled and you should be good. Also for an Online PDF this one is good for your year also. I'll leae a Link below.
Link didn't work. Thanks for info. Wish link would download
Link will work if you have ADOBE READER

Get it here

The link in the previous post is for a electronic copy of an owners manual
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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