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Sorry everyone, I checked and didn't see a thread for this. I just bought a used 2007 TRX90 the other day. At the time it started every time and there were no issues. Yesterday my daughter started the bike while in nuetral. After ideling for a few minutes, the bike died and wouldn't start again. I tried it and noticed it was in nuetral since the Green light wasn't on. Since it was already running and just died I didn't check to see if it was in nuetral. After messing around I found out that it wasn't in nuetral and that was the problem. Well the same thing is happening today. It's in nuetral cause it rolls around easily with no problems. The Green light is not on and it will not turn over since it's "not in nuetral".

I'm supposed to go riding with the family for the weekend, but if this isn't running that will put a damper on our plans. Any suggestions from anyone that would ROCK.

Thanks in advance guys.
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