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2008 TRX250ex won’t start

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I have a 2008 TRX250ex. When I turn the key the headlights come on but the neutral light doesn’t come on when in reverse. Start button doesn’t work, no power. Will tuen over if shorted at relay. New battery, new relay, new rectifier and new control module. Going to replace start button on handle bars next. Is it an electrical issue? Where should I start. It’s not recognizing neutral I guess. Just at a total loss for where to begin. Thanks in advance.
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First, you know that the battery is not part of the ignition system? The engine does not need a battery to run. The battery is just to power the lights and electric starter motor.

Power goes to the key switch via the red wire - when the key is turned to the on position, the black wire becomes 12v+ - the black wire goes to the neutral and reverse lights - a green and a light green wire with a red stripe goes to the neutral/reverse switch - when the lg/r wire is grounded the neutral light illuminates - when the green wire is grounded the reverse light illuminiates.

Now the lg/r wire goes to a diode - on the other side of the diode is a light green wire - the lg wire goes to the CDI unit and the starter solenoid - the starter solenoid has no ground until the neutral light is grounded - fix the neutral switch or the wiring to it and it will function as designed again.
The neutral/reverse switch is internal to the engine and the rear cover has to be removed to access it. Yes, first inspect the wiring to it - a short in the wire will simply turn the light on all the time.
Have not been out to get some starting fluid this morning. Is there a certain brand you recommend buying? Also where should i be spraying it once i do have it?Thanks for the response!
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I use PJ1 PRO CONTACT CLEANER as starting fluid and I spray it into the intake duct while cranking the engine or directly onto the air filter for a longer lasting temporary fuel source - sprayed into the intake duct while cranking will result in the engine dying almost as soon as the fuel source is removed.
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