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2008 TRX250ex won’t start

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I have a 2008 TRX250ex. When I turn the key the headlights come on but the neutral light doesn’t come on when in reverse. Start button doesn’t work, no power. Will tuen over if shorted at relay. New battery, new relay, new rectifier and new control module. Going to replace start button on handle bars next. Is it an electrical issue? Where should I start. It’s not recognizing neutral I guess. Just at a total loss for where to begin. Thanks in advance.
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Thanks. I am completely new to trying to work on these things. Tried all the bolt on stuff. Seems like wiring is the issue if I am hearing you right? I’m sorry I’m so dumb but when you say the neutral switch do you mean at the key or somewhere near the shifter. Thanks again. If I can’t find it easy I’ll just take it in but I’d like to try and fix it.
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