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2012 foreman noise

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Hello my name is Jody I have a question about my 2012 Honda Foreman.... I have approximately 11.5 hours on it and I have 55 miles on it and I just started hearing out of tune tapping noise coming from the motor... It almost sounds like the valves tapping But not consistently... and I was wondering if that was normal.... I find it only does it after the motor is warmed up to operating temperature and only while at Idol... I have research this a little bit and some people that have the same issue say it could be the oil Pump and some say that it could Just be the sound of that motor Or could it be the valves needing to be set but mind it only has 11.5 hours.... Does this sound normal or should I check into it more???

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Typically the valve clearence in overhead cam engines decreases with wear in the valve train, but your engine has screw tappet adjusters. If one of the adjuster lock nuts was not tightened properly at the factory, the tappet screw might back off and cause the noise. It would be wise to take it to the dealer and have it looked at especially if it is under warranty.
Thanks for the help.... I called the dealer and he told me that those engines make that noise and the yamahas are louder.... He told me to run it...he just changed to oil on it this past weekend and said he never herd being under warranty for another 9 months he told me when I get to about 20-25 hours he will adjust the valves.... When he does that ill be there and pin point it out to him.... I mean I don't know what other option I have being that is new bike and that's the dealer around town
Some noises are normal and you will typically hear more noise from air cooled engines. And I agree, Yamaha motors seem to be noiser than some other makes.
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