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I was given an old Curtis Sparks exhaust system, I don't know much about them, and tried to read up not finding much. I believe it to be "first gen" or at least certainly old, it doesn't have the modular end cap, every thing except the end closest to the exhaust pipe is riveted. The product badge isn't the same as the current one pictured on their site.

Curtis Sparks site only appears to offer up to 2008 and I have a 2012 would this for any reason affect possible performance?

I have a riveter what are recommendations on repacking?

If I decide I want to go with another slip on is there anything that would bolt up to the Curtis sparks head pipe, or would that also mess with performance because the head pipe is potentially designed only for the Curtis sparks can?

If it all works out I got a guy who'll send out what ever I want with powder coat orders for cheap so I'm thinking of trying to match the copper color of the 2012 frame, and will post pics.

Any and all help will be appreciated, and yes I already know I can send it in to them for $175 to fix it up for me, I'm just thinking it'll be fun to tinker with a free (to me) and reputable exhaust and bring it back to life.
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