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I am new to this forum so forgive me if i overlooked the electrical section this quad has no lights.
I have a 2015 TRX90X i am working on for my friend and it turns out to have electrical issues. When Killswitch is set to OFF in either direction and the Starter button is pressed the neutral light comes on until button is released. When on run nothing. I put a jumper wire in place of the neutral safety switch(Pink wire to green/red wire) and still nothing. The solenoid turns over when i cross them out but doesn't run. There is also no fire to red/yellow wire that leads to the solenoid but there is fire to the other wire in the same plug.
I unplugged the starter button and kill switch assembly and there are 2 wires with fire running up to the assembly, i thought there should only be one hot wire but i do not have a wiring diagram to go by.
I'm wondering if i bypassed the neutral safety switch wrong and the other weird thing is the yellow/red wire is hot where it goes to the starter button but it is dead where the solenoid plugs in.
I'm tempted to tell him to by a new wiring harness or could the CDI do this?
his kid has it in the woods and they LOVE mud.
Any thoughts or ideas would be highly appreciated
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