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2023 250x sport clutch questions

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I’ve had a 2002 250ex for six years and I had an 04’ years ago. Great quads. Wicked fun to ride and very easy to maneuver. Pretty low maintenance and of course they’re bulletproof. Perfect quad for me.

I just bought a 2023 250x and took it for its first break in ride yesterday. I’m loving the sport clutch but I just am a little confused because I thought I could shift without the clutch if I wanted? I can for the first two gears but 3,4 and 5 it takes a lot of force and that obviously doesn’t seem right. My older ones were nice and smooth. Again I do like the clutch but sometimes I just want to shift without it.

Is this normal? Will it be easier to shift without the clutch once it’s broken in?
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The 2023 TRX250X has three clutches - a manual (for shifting) - a centrifugal (for transmission of power from the engine to the transmission) and a sprag clutch inside the centrifugal to provide for engine braking and push starting if necessary.

The manual clutch is used for shifting, but shift can be accomplished without using the manual clutch as long as you let off the throttle momentarily to match the engine speed to the transmission output shaft speed, then you can shift without using the lever.

Note: Proper shifting technique. is to hold the throttle steady, operate the clutch, operate the shift lever and hold the shifter, release the clutch, accelerate if desired and than let off the shift lever.

To shift without using the clutch: let off the throttle, operate the shift lever, hold the shifter as you apply throttle and then release the shifter.
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