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250x motor sputtering/breaking up

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the motor idles fine and sounds okay when i hit the throttle but when riding its constanltly breaking up and sputtering it seems like a carb problem but it worked fine before and ive tried every different spot on the mixture screw tried running with half choke with and without airbox lid, everything! can this be elictrical problems? :confused:
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You may need to go threw the carb and clean the jets. Have you cleaned the air filter and checked the plugs.
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yepp i tried a new plug and the airfilter is freshly cleaned and oiled.. i havent went through the carb yet though thats the next thing im gunna try, it actually hasnt been off after sitting for seven years and never had a problem so figured why bother haha
oh and 1 more question, on the right side of the carb what exactly is that adjuster nut that sticks out with the plasitc hand ad the spring on it. ive tried tightening it all the way and loosening it all the way without much change to the motor so whats it do? haha thanks in advance!
I think that would be the idle screw for adjusting the idle up and down.
If it's been sitting for 7 years and hasn't been off, you need to take if off and take it apart and clean it good.
took the carb apart, cleaned everything good all the jets all holes everything, same problem... where to look now?
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