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OK - I am making this post Because I spent Several hours trying to find the information and could not - I asked "EXPERTS" and they were not much help. They like to USE Schematics and say check this and check that - if you deviate you out of luck...

My son has gotten for free a 1989 250X - the Motor was Blown up and it came with a 300 EX 1999-01 Motor - it had the Alternator and the Stator that generates AC with a Rectifier witch inverses half the wave cycle and flattens it out to steady DC this way it will charge the battery and produces power to coil. Be sure your stator matches your output.

You only need a few things to get Spark....

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You Need an Exciter wire - 2 grounds, coil output.....Standard connection for the (4) plug - the (2) plug the Power is opposite what the Diagrams say DO NOT put power in the Pin #6 Slot....put switch power only in #5...

Bike runs great....
  • use a CDI box fits the TRX300 Fourtrax 1994 1995 1996 1997
30410-HM5-505 or 30410-HM5-671


30410-HM5-505 CDI Box Compatible with TRX300 TRX300FW TRX400 TRX 300 400 Fourtrax FW Foreman 1994-2003

I Made sure I had Good Ground from Battery to Frame - Frame to Motor - I grounded the Green and white out of the Alternator to the Frame and the Coil Mount tab #3/4....You then put the Trigger into #1 the Blue and Yellow out of the Ignition pulse Generator...#2 is positive Coil.....
I ran the Switched Power to the Box into #5....I have been using Alligator clips trying to test connections - the #6 accidently fell off from the 15 amp fuse power lead - BINGO BANGO SPARK!!!!!

DO NOT USE #6 connect it to "AIR"

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