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400 ex transmission issue

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Can anyone help me with my 02 trx 440 ex? I was going up a hill and the chain popped off and jammed in the front sprocket. I removed the sprocket and fixed the chain. It's like the gear is stuck in third which is what I was in going up the hill. The neutral light is on but still in gear. If I hold the clutch in and start it then shift to 1st and let the clutch out it Boggs out like I'm trying to start off in 5th. Any suggestions????
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it might have broke the output shaft.does it move at all?
It won't move. It's like I'm trying to start going in 5th gear and won't start in neutral. If I try to start it while in neutral it's like trying to start it in gear. The only way it starts is if I pull the clutch in.
Sounds like you broke the transmission shaft or just have the chain adjusted extremely too tight
The chain was still a little loose. I may have to go with the broken shaft. I haven't started to take it apart yet but will this weekend. Thank you for your help.
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