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So i have recently purchased a 2001 400ex, when i bought it the clutch pull was weirdly hard, so i thought it was probably just the cable(since it was the oem one) Got my new cable and tried it out and no difference. So next i figured that i should get a new clutch (this bike is all original and assumed the clutch was original) and it was. I got a tusk competition clutch kit with hardened spings and that still did not help. So after further inspection someone had placed a washer behind the lifter pin where it seats in the bearing and that led to my clutch arm being severely damaged. So i got a new clutch arm and return spring and that sortve helped but im still having clutch adjustment issues where i have to literally take all the adjustments all the way out, and it what seems to work fine. Seems like i should not have to have the clutch that far out but it works. Also is there supposed to be up and down play on the clutch arm at all? Thanks in advance.
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