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Let me start by saying this isn't your typical exhaust thread...

I've been through thread after thread for exhaust on here... And I've yet to find the info I want... This isn't the typical "Will a HMF work" or "does a FMF sound good" nope. So here's what my dillema is.. I'm also subscribed to club700xx (for a friend) and a guy on there (5WOPE) did an exhaust mod to his that I want opinions on. He took a Two Bros shorty from an '07 GSXR 600 and put it on his bike and it looks and sounds amazing. I love the short pipes, they just make so much more sense. I completely understand and respect the SOS and noise factor... That's why I kept it stock when I lived in a subdivision, but now I live out in the sticks where I can ride as loud as I want without pissin anyone off.

Do you guys think it would be crazy to try to do that same pipe on a 400ex. Two Bros 07 GSXR 600 pipe on that motor. I think it would look and sound amazing. I understand I'll have to rejet (that'll be fun). I live at sea level (Delaware) so I plan on starting with a 170 main, 42 Pilot, and 3.5 turns out. Or if I can get a 450r carb for cheap I'll also be doing that. I'm currently running stock pipe/headers with UNI.

I'm really just asking you guys to assure me of my sanity (or lack thereof) because I came, I saw, I heard, and I wanna conquer. Hehehe. When I redid the gaskets on the top end, I ran her open headers and fell in love. Put on the stock pipe and died a little inside. The only pipe I would consider if for some reason this LITERALLY blows up in my face, is a 400ex model Pro circuit T4 or the 2 Bros M7. That's all I'm interested in. I know the sparks has great readings and the HMF is well known.. But I do what I want. ;P I would love to get my hands on a white bros tho... They sound LEGIT.

Here's a link to the 700xx:
So my buddy just brought me something... - Club700XX - Honda TRX700XX Forum

... And the sound clip:
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