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400ex ignition switch

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ok, so how about my keys were stolen tonight at a show my band played. as fate would damn have it, the only key to my quad was on my key ring. i was planning on riding at the dunes today but ill have to hotwire it in order to do so. what can i do to bypass the ignition switch? im desperate and need the answer to this. any help would be greatly appreciated!!! i can post a legit pic if no one believes that this is really me and that im not trying to steal someone's quad. thanks in advance!!! :(:confused::mad:
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im gonna get another key made this week. the weather is amazing here today and its a real bummer that this crap happened. blah.
I have never done it! Its probly easy if it was in front of me. I have a few keys for mine. None of them I carry.
I never hot wired one before. It should be fairly easy. Just remember the green wire is the ground. Do you have a repair manual?
Unplug the green and cross the red and black
apology for making this thread up after a year but i was just asking if how can i remove and how to install a new ignition accents for my motorcycle? :confused: im expecting your response. thanks guys.

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