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400ex pics

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Who has em and who has pics? Or some other 400ex's you like.
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needs some nerf bars on it, protect them feet.
I have been Looking at them for awhile just really dont know what to buy. Would really like a propeg design. I went to order some proarmor fatpegnerfs but they were on back order and I waited a month and called them back. They said it would be another month so I cancelled I bet Joe Byrd don't wait for his. I dont Know what to purchase. I also like the AC and RATH but RATH is $$$$$$
I have the AC's on mine and have had no problems.
I'll probly get them because they look good. Did you need to drill a hole and put a bolt threw the peg to keep it from squeking?
I have the AC's on mine and have had no problems.
Yes i did to help keep tight, thing i used a 5/16 bolt with a couple of flat washers and lock nuts.
Thanks for the info. If you get chance put up pic to see where you put your bolt. Im sure it will be the same on a 400ex. With the color of my quad what do you think would look better black or polished. Thanks
2000 400ex


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Nice looking ATV I want a newer one
07 400ex hmf pipe jet kit k&n filter
Tom, you should wait for the fatpegs they make standing and riding a lot easier because they let you extened your feet out away from the motor
My 07 work in progress.
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Tomgodd black would look better im sure you know i was gonna say this lol but the black will chip off and scrap off so go with polished you will be happier in the long run.
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