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Hey all, just recently got an 07 TRX400EX. Nice quad, but needs some work. Figure this is a good place for me to get some help!

Things the quad needs:

1.) Brake light works fine when motor is off. Once motor is on, brake light flickers at best -- mostly doesn't work.

2.) Suspension sits way too high -- I feel like I'm going to roll the thing every corner I take -- any suggestion for cheap way to get better handling, greatly appreciated.

3.) Front tires are almost bald, and one front rim is damaged. Looking to get a set of 3+2 front wheels (Douglas, ITP), 4/144 of course, with some Holeshot HD tires (or something equivalent) ... I will be riding trails mostly.

4.) If anyone has any extra plastics, looking for a rear fender (red if possible).

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